So excited you are here!!!!  Thank you for being a part of my journey!!!

This is genuinely a journey.  I have never been one to care “tons” about health.  I guess I was kind of comfortable.  Cancer changed the way I think about EVERYTHING!  What’s important, and what is absolutely NOT!  When I say that this is a journey, for me it means that everyday, I want to learn something new, one more thing to improve my body, mind or spirit.

I had never really been very disciplined, driven to do any kind of exercise (regularly), I despise most fruits and vegetables….that leaves….well, the WRONG stuff!  If there was a tomato, some lettuce and a pickle on my burger, I counted that as 2 servings of vegetables!  French fries were worth two more….and, aren’t there “real” fruit juices in gummy bears?  That has to count for something!

I am NOT here to tell you that I have changed all of my evil ways!  HARDLY!  I can’t pass the cookie/cupcake section in my local grocery store without having a package of “something” because of “my husbands” sweet-tooth!  Heaven help us if I find the “we baked too much” rack in the “clearance section”!  I eat a frozen breakfast sandwich every morning with beef jerky as a side, and Lord help me, I can’t pass up a chocolate pop tart to save my life!  Of course…I have added two amazing smoothies everyday, loaded with GREAT stuff (to be discussed later)!  I do intermittent fasting and make better choices for the rest of the day….mostly :).  Another HUGE thing is that I committed to walking at least 20 minutes 5 out of 7 nights of the week….sad, I know, but it is 100% more than what it was!  Baby steps, everyday of my journey!

Cancer also gave me the nudge to go back to school and get my certification as a Natural Health Consultant.  I have been fascinated by “supplements” for as long as I can remember.  I had always studied ways to improve my immune system, but only half-heartedly…I was “comfortable”.  That is not good enough anymore and I am committed to waking up all those NK (natural killer) cells and trying to get my body to fire on “all cylinders”.

In comes a cancer diagnosis to add to my health quest.   I have studied and read so much about this horrid disease that I actually corrected my surgeon on her original diagnosis. Did I mention how much I was “online” the first couple months after the big “C” was slapped in my face?  I must have logged over a thousand hours “surfing”.  Dr. Google N. Web MD at your service!  UGGGGHHHH!

Bottom line, as we get started; my goal with this blog is to bring together people who want to make changes in their lives to better their health and overall well-being; for those who have and want to share how; for anyone who has helpful information and insight into how we begin to achieve better health; if you are an expert or professional and are willing to lend your expertise…PLEASE DO!  If you are any or all the above, I hope you will walk with me!



10 thoughts on “Home

  1. I love this!!!!! I will walk with you all day, everyday! Thank you for taking this huge leap of faith! Thank you for being YOU! A true inspiration to all that know you & love you!

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  2. Kathy, how exciting!!! This journey will be amazing and can’t wait to be part of it. Thank you for including me on your journey.
    Can’t wait to see the great things you will do, you are an inspiration!
    Love you,


    1. Please share with your mom and dad! I reached out to the author of “Jesus Calling” and was permitted to share their address on my blog. I LOVE my book! Love you!


  3. I just love this! Your honesty is refreshing and your excitement, contagious. I can’t wait to see what this leads to! Love your heart Kathy! Bridget


  4. You are so amazing and inspirational! I really look forward to reading and learning on your journey.


    1. No….I just am trying to improve…if someone else can use something out of this….all the better! Thanks for reading it! It helps me relax….kind of!


  5. KJ & Michelle Cornwall February 19, 2019 — 12:18 pm

    Hey Kath, My wife and I Michelle have been through stuff. Her colon cancer, My son Kenny’s heart issues (three heart surgeries, 2 open heart) and two bouts of meningitis with two of our children just to mention a few. We will follow your blog. There is strength in numbers and “family”. Thanks for doing this and letting us be a part of it.


    1. Thank you KJ and Michelle! It’s just in the beginning….but I have lots to say! More questions than answers…but if just one thing I’m doing can benefit someone else…or if i can get a laugh or smile…job done!

      Love u! Thanks for reading!!!! Your entire family is in my prayers….always!


  6. Love that you are doing this. Healing your body and your soul.


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