The Journey Begins…

I am so excited to start this site and this conversation! 

First, a couple “blog” rules…THIS IS A JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE!  I don’t mean to plagerize Planet Fitness, but this is rule #1.  I am sharing my journey from a cancer diagnosis to my better health in the hopes that even one person finds something useful they can use to improve their own personal being!  

Rule #2:  I, by no means, am claiming to have a cure for anything!  So, please do not misconstrue anything on this site to be anything more than helpful information.  My journey to maintain “survivor” status starts fresh, everyday!

Rule #3:  There will be products mentioned on this blog and a few of those products will have a “link” to purchase them.  Full disclosure…I will make a small commission on anything purchased.  I will ONLY allow products I use and believe they have benefitted my “rebuild”.  If you have things that work for you…you don’t need to fix what isn’t broken!  If you want to give one of my favs a shot….please use the links on the site!  Please let me know about anything you try and your thoughts on what it  does  for you!

Rule #4:  If you have further information or new information on health and trying to achieve homeostasis….don’t keep  secrets….lets hear it!

Last….but not least…there will be articles posted periodically by Brad Maschke, Certified Physical Fitness Trainer (oh…and my first born) and by Andy Maschke, Pre-med @ U of M (my baby and the “wall” I bounce things off of).  I will also have some special guests lend their insite and expertise! 

This blog is dedicated to my boys, my husband Tom, my family, my amazing work family and a small group of beautiful friends…who first gave me their love and support thru a very dark time in my life and then supported all my studies and trials on this journey!  THANK YOU!  I LOVE YOU ALL!


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