“Relax” Part I

That’s right, I said “part I”!  I have learned how to relax…a little….OK, I’m trying!  Baby steps….

About a week ago, my oldest son Brad, treated me to a “float” in a “Float Pod”.  I am definitely in to anything that touts stress relief and relaxation and was interested in the whole experience, not to mention that I am very fond of spending time with my first baby!

So, take a person with lots of energy and a busy mind (hint….that would be me), put them in a pod that is filled with water, 1000 lbs of Epsom salt, is 93 degrees (skin temp), soft blue light and yoga music piped in…for an HOUR.  Just a couple problems;  I am a “NO GETTING THE DOO WET” unless I’m in the shower, kind-a-girl (long story, so let’s chalk it up to vanity), this place is quite humid…so I already knew I was leaving with nasty hair! Would you believe that I smuggled in a shower cap?  Not one of my brightest ideas…you FLOAT in water, not get showered off, soooooooo the water just seeps up under the cap!   DAHHHHHHH! 

OK, so the hair is wet…I might as well relax and enjoy this, the damage is done!  But WHAT am I supposed to do for a whole hour?   Well…let’s try some of the “poses” they recommend for neck pain.  I’m enjoying the slightly slippery, warm water, soft light, the feeling of the “halo” clinging to my pink shower cap (I can’t imagine the picture), trying very hard to focus on my breathing and shut off the nagging in my head, “really, this is for an hour?”  At about that time I bumped the bottom of the pod with my feet.  Natural instinct is to “shove off”, so that’s what I did!  I spent the next 15 minutes “shoving off” on all sides of the pod!  Then I enjoyed the slightly waving water….then I got bored!  I sat cross legged in the pod, looking around at, well….nothing!   Geeze, is there a clock in here?  Should I call the desk and find out how much longer?  NO!  Brad gave this gift to me…I’m gonna give this a real try!  So, I really enjoyed the last 20 minutes.  I turned the soft light and music off and spent some time just relaxing!  It was amazing!  I really was disappointed that it was over!  Next time, maybe I will play/swim for a shorter time!

When you are done in the “pod”, they have a salon type room with mirrors, hair dryers and all you need to re-enter the “non-amphibious” world again!  I was hooked up to oxygen and essential oil for 10 minutes!  I’ll admit, aside from picking sheets of salt out of my ears, I will do it again!

Shout out to the folks at “True Rest Float Spa” in Farmington Hills, MI!

There are both physical and mental benefits to these float pods. Increased circulation, increased healing, increased immune response, stress reduction and a sleep aid, just to name a few!

Thank you Brad!  I love learning new ways to relax!  “Floating” is gonna take me a time or two to get the hang of it!

Hope I made you smile, at least once!  Smiling is good for you!  🙂

Back in a day or two! 

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