“Relax” Part II

Now that you finally have the image of me doing the back stroke, in a “float pod”, in a pink shower cap, out of your head….oh crap….sorry!  Or….am I?  Just kidding!  Sorry for the re-imaging though!  Feeling very “chill” after my relaxation massage!  This hour of time I can do!  Of course, most people close their eyes and lay quietly to get the full affect.  Well….you know the person that can’t float in the pod for an hour…..I can lay on a massage table just fine, but relax the jaw?  Nope!  My poor massage therapist is wondering, “is there a clock in here?”, “should I call up front and see how much time is left”? (That’s a test….to see if you read part I 😉 ).  I sure hope the quiet time during a massage isn’t for the therapist, cuz mine is out of luck!   BTW….the pic I chose for this post is roughly what I think I looked like in the pod….wish I had the floaty to save the doo!  Wonder if I could smuggle one in…….

I have an amazing massage therapist!  Lauren, of Massage Works in Brighton is the bomb!   During my treatment, I started getting knots in my shoulders and neck.   When I have any tension in my shoulders, the pain starts again.  Finally, we have this under control!  Now working on “myofascial massage”, which is an alternative medicine therapy.   For those of us that have gone thru radiation, you know how “tough” or hardened the area can become.   This type of massage helps those areas by helping the affected tissues “release” It also helps improve blood and  lymphatic circulation!  Good stuff!

Massage can be extremely beneficial to all of our health, and we should all indulge in them to show love to body, mind and spirit!  It is also a complimentary therapy for cancer patients.  Massage  has been shown to help reduce pain and nausea as well as help with range of movement, sleep and scar tissue health.  If you are in active treatment, “light” massage is recommended. 

Good Night!  Sweet dreams!  I hope that your dreams have nothing to do with pink shower caps and salt water! 

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