Is it possible that there are people who have had cancer, but will never know because their body knew how to resolve it without intervention?

I believe that this can happen.  My “help wanted” post is because I am looking for thoughts and input  on this question!

I felt strongly about writing this blog because of the significant improvements in my own health over the last 18 months.  I have struggled with a few ailments for most, if not all, of my life!  I chalked these things up to “genes”….and I believe some of these things are probably very true, judging by the family stories.  I’ll have to work in a story about my grandma after a Saunders hot fudge sundae!  My grandpa was mortified!

When I got my “wake up call”, I knew that I had to make changes!  Especially knowing that I wasn’t going to follow the “standard of care” protocol.  So, my research began.  I am going to write about all of them at some point.  I believe with all my heart that these things have merit!  The best part is that they are all natural.

Here are a few of the health concerns I always “put up” with, but have now significantly improved or resolved:

1).  What I like to call “Indecisive Bowel”!  By that I mean a bowel that couldn’t make up it’s mind what it wanted to do!  Or When!  That might be too much information, butt…..I mean but, (haha…pun intended), I wanted to improve that!  With the addition of some supplements and my smoothies, this problem is about 85% improved!  I believe I can keep making this better!

2).  Skin Condition.  Know one could ever tell me what it was, but every spring and fall I would get the most intense dry patches that itched so badly I was putting finger print bruises on my legs and arms!  I was told “contact dermatitis”, eczema, and my personal favorite, “a rash”!  Wonder where that last doctor got their medical license????  This situation is 100% resolved!

3).  Holy Energizer Bunny Batman!  I have so much more energy than I ever did before!   I never made it past 7 p.m.  Was in bed and sleeping by 7:02.  That is NOT a joke!  I was super comfortable!  Tweaks to diet, exercise and my state of mind (remember all those times I ask to be forgiven???), I have a solid and constant connection with J.C.!    I have a new “lease” on whatever life I am gifted with!  I plan to make the most of it! 

4).  Gray hair has slowed!  Who wouldn’t want that?  My hair dresser noticed, during my last cut and color that my roots didn’t need cover!  There were a couple grays….but nothing like usual!  I have learned that antioxidants can increase melanin production!  I’ll take it!

If we can improve our health and immune function to fight common ailments like colds and flu, does it stand to reason that we can get it to a point that it can blast cancer without us knowing it’s happening?

Any and all comments, thoughts, professional opinions and suggestions are welcome!  I am really hoping to collect as many stories of people improving their health and focusing on more natural options that have helped…I would love you to share!

Smoothies are up next!  I love mine and several people have asked for the recipe.  I have a feeling that those are a big part of the “anti-gray”…so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “HELP WANTED!

  1. I believe you are on to something. If we improve our inside it can fight what is happening on the outside!


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