Smoothie Time!

My smoothies are a constant in my diet these days!  I drink a “red” smoothie in the morning and a “green” (but it’s not….I can’t do “green”….bluk!) smoothie in the afternoon.  I believe I have expressed in one of these posts, that I literally detest MOST fruits and vegetables, so I have always avoided them!  Amazing that I have made it to 50 eh?

I am excited to say that I get about 99.9% more fruit and veggies today than I did 2 years ago! 

A.M.  This one is my favorite….probably because it is tart and tasty!  Oh….and NOT green!  There are greens in it though!  I make my smoothies for the week.   I am sure there are opposing views to making a weeks worth at a time, but it would interrupt my OCD if I didn’t have everything for the week ready on Sunday!

BTW, I think this potion might have something to do with my “slowing” gray hair….that is NOT a bad thing!  In later posts I will go into a little more detail on the smoothie ingredients and why I use them.  I’ll abbreviate here.  These smoothies were “created” because of my cancer diagnosis.  There are ingredients that I use that are geared toward the benefits the ingredients have shown to have against cancer.  That being said, I am sure this concoction would be good for any fruit and veggie loathers or lovers out there!  If you try these, please let me know what you think, or share ways to improve!


28 oz. POM – My goodness, please google this one!  This is loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin C, Cancer Prevention, anti-inflammatory…etc!

(1) “Fresh Start Smoothie Blend” packet (Costco, because it’s easy!)

A cup to cup and 1/2 “Three Berry Blend” (Costco….um…easy!)

About a TBLS Triple L-Carnitine:  This stuff makes fat available to your muscles!  (Hey, my muscles can have as much fat as they want!  If they take it all, I might look ridiculously ripped!)

5 droppers of Kelp Tincture:  Removes free radicals; great for your hair; increases metabolism.

5 TBLS of Organic Flax Oil:  High in Omega 3-fatty acids; may help reduce cancer cell growth; skin health and it could help with inflammation.

(1) Scoop of Plant Based Protein

18 Apricot Seeds:  Vitamin B17; has been written about as a potential cancer killer.  They contain a substance called amygdalin which the body turns into hydrogen cyanide.  This can be deadly to cancer cells.

1/2 to 1 cup of pineapple juice;  Bromelain, great anti-inflammatory.

(1) Whole Lemon, skin, seeds and all:  Great for PH levels (lemons will be talked about later); contains limonene which is a terpenoid found in phytocannabinoids, citrus rinds and more!  These are shown to have  chemotherapeutic properties against breast cancer cells.  It also suppresses gerd; is an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal and a bronchodilator, to name a few!

(1) Whole Lime, skin, seeds and all:  Same as above!  And….I think lemons and limes kinda go together!

I blend all of the above together until it is of a consistency that is thick, but goes thru a straw!  I use glass mason jars with plastic lids and of course, a plastic straw.  Leave room for ice and shake it up before you drink it!  Love this drink with my frozen breakfast sandwich and beef jerky, oh wait!  I felt so guilty about that, I have “upgraded” to cream of wheat and whole wheat toast!  Is that better?

Let me know what you think!

P.M. smoothie in the next day or two!

IMPORTANT HELPFUL HINT:  Freeze the lemons and limes.  Take them out a few minutes before you need them, wash, quarter and drop them in!

4 thoughts on “Smoothie Time!

  1. What is kelp tincture? Where do you get that?
    Is the POM juice or pineapple juice any special kind? Regular? Sugar free?


    1. Where do you get the TBLS Triple L-Carnitinem?
      What size are your glass jars? How many dose ibe batch Make?


      1. GNC, Vitamin Shop, Better Living and my personal fav….amazon.

        8 oz jars…filled 3/4ish (room for ice), I get 5 jars out of a batch.

        Thank you bff and editor!


    2. Kelp is thought to be a great source of iodine, helps with p.h. balance….check out for some great info…I get mine from Amazon. U can use any of the POM…I use traditional. Pineapple juice is from Costco…it is pure…nothing added, juice.


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