Turn on the Red Light…..

I left off “Roxanne”, but that intro was for a dear friend of mine who likes to sing that tune in a kayak, on the Huron River with an ore raised over her head!  Another story, for another day….maybe! 

That was the intro (clever, right?), to another one of my FAVORITE things discovered on my health quest!  I had some reiki healing done while going thru my radiation treatments.  I can’t honestly say I got a lot out of it, although I know a lot of people do.  I mentioned about the float pod and an HOUR…well, this is like that, but different!  It was extremely relaxing and I fell in love with the crystal mat I was laying on.  So, while enjoyable, I haven’t mastered how to quiet my mind or, my mouth enough to experience energy healing!  But, I knew I wanted the mat!

 My initial research led me to an extremely expensive mat…like, I would need two more jobs, and maybe to sell off a kid, or limb to purchase, expensive!  Now, that is a gross exaggeration, but, that is exactly how expensive my husband would think it is!  Did I mention that “shopping with him is like hunting with the game warden?”  Haha…I love that, saw it on a sign at Hobby Lobby.  As soon as I figure out how to hang things on the ceiling (walls are spoken for), I’ll get the sign!

At the same time I started searching for a “crystal mat”, I was studying “alternative” and “complimentary” cancer treatments and something called “infrared” therapy!  Infrared can be used in conjunction with other treatments and what is does is amazing!  Infrared helps your immune system!  Many viruses, bacteria, parasites and tumor cells “can’t take the heat”!  In other words, it helps them die quicker!   Infrared helps your body rid itself of heavy metals and toxins, chemicals and other little beasties so that your immune system can focus on the important stuff!  I read that a “30 minute infrared sauna can increase your body temp enough to stimulate white blood cells!”  Those are the good guys!

So, when I came across the “far infrared mat” and read some of the reviews, testimonials and the many benefits, I knew I was headed in the right direction!  “HealthyLine” not only  offers the infrared “inframat”, but with gem stones!  I purchased one of the smaller ones to start out…but I’m hooked!  Mine came with Jade which is said to have healing properties for the adrenal system.  In energy healing it is believed to increase motivation, confidence, tranquility and harmony to name a few!  The best news….it is reasonably priced AND, when you fall in love with it, they offer a lifetime trade-in/trade-up incentive!  I have never slept so soundly!  Check out the following link for more information, a coupon code is listed below should you wanna get one of your own!


There is a ton of info about the benefits of far infrared therapy and the gems in the mats!  If you have one, please share your thoughts!  If you want a mat, check out their site and make sure to use nu10s in the coupon area and save 10% AND they will give you FREE shipping in the continental U.S., make sure to check the box!

PLEASE check in if you have ever used one of these mats!  Would love to hear from you!

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