Dry Brushing

Say what?  I had never heard of this, until I went on a cruise last year!  I spent a lot of time, and a whole lot more money, in the ship spa!  Of course, they have the BEST stuff…I mean, it’s on a cruise ship…got to be the best, right?  Yep…I’m THAT gullible!  I’m pretty sure that I covered  the “freshening” on the Carnival Conquest last year…so, ENJOY!  I sure as hell did!

I did find the best “dry brush” on the ship though!  I bought a few since, but have gone back to my “cruise” brush which is made by ELEMIS.  You can find them online, link below. I have been a re-peat buyer of several of their products….er, ummmm….until “Dave Ramsey” took possession of my husband’s soul!  I listen to so many updates from my husband’s new obsession…PODCASTS!  I can’t figure out, how HE figured out, how to do that!  My always chatty hubby is now loaded with financial information…my ears hurt!!!

I kept with the practice because it aids the lymphatic system by stimulating the lymph nodes and helping move lymph fluid.  Not to mention the exfoliation of the skin and it is invigorating!  It is also said to help rid the body of toxins; break down cellulite (how bout a loud AMEN!); helps boost energy!

I was taught to start on the legs, use a circular motion and move “up” the body.  Always moving toward the heart.  There are many diagrams on-line that show how you can do it.  I actually also go across the boosum, right before my oil rub!

While there is NO scientific evidence that would support dry brushing, it feels amazing and is a GREAT way to show your body some LOVE!  I’ll let you know if my “bat wings” look any better on my next vacation!  😉


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