Educate to Advocate

I am gonna get into the nitty gritty now.  Why I wanted to write this blog.  All fun and joking aside, this whole “Cancer’ thing is very disturbing.  Dahhhhh, right?  This blog is going to ask more questions, than provide answers, but I am on a quest to get as much information as I possibly can!  I truly believe that you need to EDUCATE yourself to ADVOCATE for yourself!  Who better to make the decisions that effect your body than you?

Full disclosure, I am not an author or writer in any sense of the imagination.  I should have probably started the blog with this revelation….but if  you have been following along, you have already figured this out! I’m a middle aged woman with a TON to say! Imagine that!  I apologize up front for not being grammatically correct….I’m going to ask you to be patient with my writing ability, or lack thereof!  Keep your red pens tucked in your…..ummmmmm, let’s say “pocket”!

I am always AMAZED when I run into people who have gone through exactly what I have, or are going through cancer treatments and they have NO clue about the specifics of their illness.  They are going through or have been through cancer treatments with NO knowledge of why, or what the treatments are doing to their bodies.  They have NO knowledge of what other treatment options might be available because they have made their doctors THE AUTHORITY over everything!  READ, LEARN….get all the information you can to make the best decision for you!  Even if you go through the “standard of care”, my hat is off to you, you should know of complimentary therapies, supplements and modalities that can increase the effectiveness of the treatment you choose!  Love yourself enough to give your body, which is fighting to correct and heal, more tools and ammo against whatever is trying to slow the flow!

I am not going to go into all the details of my diagnosis (is there a ⏰ in here? Should I call the front desk and see how much time is left? Testing u again 😉), but, it was a disaster!  The term “cluster ____” comes to mind….I’ll give you the “uck” and it rhymes with “duck”.  Unfortunately, it left me with very little confidence in the medical establishment. I do have a couple docs who I DO trust implicitly. My OBGYN, who found the lump and then went on to personally investigate some of the things I was being told.  I am lucky to have her!  I have her cell number and have been encouraged to contact her with any questions!  My surgeon, who gives me the warmest hug every time I see her! She has also gone above and beyond! I am impressed by both of their receptiveness to the inquisition I put them through! Communication with someone who has your life in their hands is important…don’t ya think? I left my first oncologist because she wouldn’t give me an email address to ask any questions ahead of her aggressive treatment proposal!  Really?  THIS IS MY LIFE we are talking about…..not an engine knock! I guess I should’ve figured out she wasn’t the chatty type when she “tossed” me a box of tissues to dry my tears.

I mentioned surfing the web when I got my diagnosis….uggghhhh!  I also bought and read several very interesting books about alternative therapies, including the text books on natural healing through my classes.  The common theme; a healthy immune system can combat just about anything! It was designed to combat anything that doesn’t belong. Our diets, sleep habits, stress level, air we breathe, water we drink, well, LIVING alters how effective our immune system is, or isn’t! So, how do we start improving that? Take a step….

Closing thoughts: Educate yourself on any health concerns you have. Asthma, arthritis, acne, high blood pressure, cancer….whatever it is, study it! If there are NATURAL ways to help yourself, either with your prescription meds or without, research them. Be informed about YOUR health!

A strong immune system can combat just about anything. Look at your routine, diet, exercise habits (or lack thereof). Make a list of these things (mine was PATHETIC).

Now make a list of goals, whether it is to lose weight, lower cholesterol, whatever it may be, and get to work!

Start slow and steady….this is a journey, not a race.

Good Night! 

Supplements, dry brushing, dental health, mammograms, essential oils….all coming up!

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