Earlier I told you about my cousin, she is 78 years old and a seasoned warrior.  Now I am going to tell you about a dear friend (she would be the one who likes to sing “Roxanne, you don’t have to turn on the red light” down the Huron River on hot August days)! 

My friend and her husband,  had to endure a parents worst nightmare…the loss of a child.  Their son Michael (Mikey) and his twin, were like most kids, the object of their parents every attention and devotion.  This family is big into hockey and it was after a game, when Mikey was in pain, that the unthinkable happened….a cancer diagnosis.

I did not know them well during the years leading to Michaels death, but I am a part of the same small town.  I kept up with his progress thru my sister (another hockey mom) who helped organize many fundraisers to help Mikey’s family.  I also have many mutual friends who would keep me posted on the rollercoaster this poor family had found themselves on.

I was in the bleachers for the homecoming football game, there to watch my son Andy and his team…but it was Michael’s night, he had won the honor of being the homecoming king his senior year of high school!  It was a VERY special night!  

The following spring, after a special graduation ceremony at Michael’s home, he succumbed to his illness with his beautiful family by his side.  It has only been a few years, and although I know they are still grieving,  they have dedicated themselves, their time and resources, to host fundraisers that help the young warriors at Mott Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI.

Recently, they held their annual hockey fundraiser in Michael’s memory.  They had found a young lady at Mott with stage 4 cancer of the soft tissue, I can’t say what it is…and she shouldn’t be able to either!  By that I mean, I can’t unninciate the words!  This precious little girl sent all of us a video message to say how much it had meant to her.  The flood of emotions that followed surprised me!  I am sad about my cousin….I am MAD about the “Mikey’s” and the sweet angel in the video message that are going thru this!   I have to say, and God forgive me, (that is the first “forgive me” of the day….not bad) but WHY does this happen to children?  I asked that question this past weekend and I happened to be with Michael’s parents.  They pointed out to me, that if it wasn’t for Mikey, the group of us would not be together at that moment in time, planning a party, for the children on floor 7 of Mott Children’s Hospital.

Good point, great people!  And with that, “Mikey’s Crew” convened, for the first time, planning a St. Patrick’s Day party for the kids, in Michaels honor.

I love these girls…..

Picture above (l) Christine, (c) Kathleen (Mikey’s mom), (r) Me!

These are the cards we made for the kiddo’s!

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