Stopping in to say Hello!

So, I am sure this is not a traditional blog.  It is a little part of me that I leave somewhere on the “world wide web” in the hopes that someone else out there finds this, finds me and connects with something that I’ve learned and write about.

I have changed SOOOO many things about my life in the last two years.  I am putting good things into my body, I have daily conversations with God, and for the first time in my life, I feel confident in who I am.

I have always believed, that a Creator as amazing as ours, would not leave out any details.  By that I mean, we were created to be “perfect”, and how do you sustain “perfect”?  By putting perfection all around us to keep us healthy and sustained.  Time has changed that, as well as the almightly dollar.

Some of the biggest changes I have made in my life are to my diet.  I can’t say that even now my food choices are the absolute best, but I am trying.  It ISN’T EASY to change your routine or habits, and your body DOES rebel a little!  But, if you stick to it…your body will THANK YOU!  

I mentioned to you that I have seen significant improvements in ailments I have had my entire adult life…at least!  I attribute those improvements to the changes I have made in adding fruit and vegetables via smoothies twice a day…all healthy…but tailored to my tastes and to my health concerns.  Research what fruits and vegetables will help things you are dealing with. Tailor somehting specifically for you. 

 I also research and take a ridiculous amount of supplements….but, they are all for a reason and with the knowledge that I am not consuming enough of something I need.  The point is, I am being much more disciplined in what I am doing.  I would like to recap/add to the list of true improvements to my health.  We’ve already reviewed a couple, but…stay with me here…they are worth repeating!

  • Normalized bowel function!  
  • Eliminated skin ailments, including peri-menopausal acne (seriously?  How does that even happen?)
  • Reduced the “spare tire”.  (Hell yeah!!)
  • Appetite Control
  • Calm, cool and collected.  (87.99%  of the time vs. the 2.39% from 2 years ago!)
  • More energy than I’ve had in 20 years.
  • Gray hair has SLOWED!!!!
  • Hair fall out has reduced to 3 or 4 strands per wash instead of a handful….which has been going on since I was a teenager!  Because I have thick hair, I never cared much…but to not have a “gob” of hair and bottle of drano on hand for the rinse….well, it is very noticable!
  • Here is another BIG one!  I used to have a cold from the first cool night in the fall, until the first 90 degree day of the summer!  Bottles of vicks next to the bed with tissues and water were a staple!  Those are gone!!!!  Knock on wood (which I literally just did), I have been around so many sick people…and for the second cold season in a row, I have dodged it!  I get little touches of runny nose or tickle in the throat, but I believe fully that the changes to my diet, addition of exercise, addition of supplements and my humidifier with purified water and hydrogen peroxide have all helped me to amp up my immune system.  As a “cancer” survivor…a top notch immune system is important!
  • Amazing sleep!  Restful sleep!
  • Improved mood!  This is huge too!  I was terrified that being thrust into menopause would mean that I would be crankier than before, spewing pea soup with a rotating head (if you have never seen “Exorcist”,  you will not have a clue what I am talking about…the only movie I STILL can’t watch without the lights on).  Totally not the case.  While I have become completely disgusted by arrogance and patronization…that is usually the only time the “horns” come out and the “forgive me’s” start!  I just don’t have the patience for it.  I don’t get as easily riled anymore.  

I got a call from my mom this morning…my 78 year old warrior cuzn is resting peacefully, was even laughing with my mom yesterday.  Her hospice nurse is keeping her on CBD’s and the THC Caps that I brought her in lieu of morphine.  Natural vs. Pharma.  I love it.

In my heart, I believe, GOD provided everything we need.  All the foods and their components, ingeniously in the leaves, flowers, roots, sap, bark, in every component of all of our dna and the dna of all the creatures big and small, God has provided.  Do you know that even chemotherapy is “natural”?  It is derived from the “yew” tree.  Taxotere was made with the needles of the Eurepean yew tree, Taxol was harvested from the bark of the Pacific yew tree.  I wonder if there is a less harsh way of getting it to work?  I do believe that they are working on less harsh alternatives to the traditional toxins, but it is WAY TOO LONG of a process!  I have witnessed way too many people and families who are dealing with this horid disease…the answer is here…around us. I believe with all my heart that it is.  

Yep…this was just going to be me saying hello!  Sure!!!  You have to feel sorry for my husband by now!  Oh wait, he is the ONE person in the world that can out talk me!  For real!  I can leave the room for 20 minutes without missing (or being missed) the conversation!  I come back and he is still talking!  I LOVE that man!!!  Except when we are shopping…for ANYTHING!  Could be a gallon of milk and it is the most agonizing trip EVER!!!  ðŸ™‚

OK…I am working on dry brushing and the importance of watching your ph levels.  I also want to really go in to the supplements I love!!!  I am a true believer in mushrooms!  They have amazing medicinal qualities!  Remember when I said how God uses all parts of his creations???  Mushrooms are FUNGUS!  Some of the best medicinal mushrooms grow on the bark of trees!  Genius, don’t you think?

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