Magic Mike VII

Wow!!!! If you are reading this, you know ALL about electronic music, welding helmets and grinders in the hands of one of Gods most gorgeous creations, doing an erotic dance. Pause for dabbing the drool up from my daydream! And….shame on you!!! What were you hoping for?😁

Now that I have your attention, I want to tell you about my week…particularly yesterday!

Started sad, with my beautiful cousin passing. The very next day, a dear old friend sent us a note that he is in hospice care after a 9 year battle with prostate cancer. To add insult to injury, during his remission, his wife battled with breast cancer! πŸ™„

In the midst of all this, came the prep work for our party at Mott Hospital. It made my heart warm to get my vinyl cutter and heat press up and running to make our team “uniforms”! Plus, the prep of all the fun treats and goody bags!

Today was our “Mikey’s Crew” debut! We put on a nice little party for those little “heros”battling cancer on floor 7. Get the title now? Magic is the love and support we wanted to share, Mike is short for Mikey, 7 is the floor at Mott that has the coolest patients, parents and staff, working to battle the worst stuff!

While we were getting our badges, we were alerted to the stark reality of exactly where we were, as one of the children on our floor had just undergone her “final transition”, which, if you have never heard the term, is a nicer way of saying, a child had just passed. We were advised that the floor would be very quiet, more so than usual. During our day, we learned that on floor 7, when you enter, you become a part of a very special family. A family that celebrates the victories and milestones in a cancer journey, and mourns the loss of “one of their own”.

The floor was indeed, somber. Our party room was a small kitchen/living area with attached laundry room for the many parents and families that spend so much time there. We set up our wares under the scrutiny of an adorable little guy, I believe he was 2, with a sweet face, no hair and pulling around an IV pole that towered him by 4′! His mom was back and forth between him and the laundry area, filling us in on the little fellas situation. He was starting bone marrow transplants and it was making him very nauseous and not wanting to eat. He hadn’t eaten much in the last couple days…which showed on his moms face.

He watched us intently as we got ready, and it wasn’t long before we had him smiling! He started asking for different things to eat, and within an hour, had eaten two bagels! Someone said that he ate 3! His mom was thrilled!

There were several visitors to our St. Paddy’s day party, ranging in age from 2 to 19. Some felt like talking, some didn’t. Some children were under quarantine because their immune systems are so weak, they cant leave their rooms…we loaded their parents with “goodies to go”. You could see the fatigue on all of their faces, the burden of knowing the full weight of what their children are facing. But each of them offered a smile and thank you for being there. Some wanted to chat, some were emotional, some were inquisitive and some were taking their children home!

What struck me the most was that EVERY patient seemed to know each other. Patients knew other parents and all the nurses and volunteer staff. The children seem to have a very special bond, and it is heartwarming to watch. Regardless of where they are from, color, nationality, sex or age, they are all heroes, in battle, very much together! It is truly something amazing to witness!

What an amazing day! Being with the best friends a girl could have, doing something fun for kids who deserve the intrusion of a little fun, I am proud to be a member of “Mikey’s Crew”! Cant wait to plan the next party!!

*Fungus and Roots, next topic!

2 thoughts on “Magic Mike VII

  1. What an emotional day. I am grateful to be part if!!


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