Hex Yeah!

What the “hex” does that mean?  How the “hex” are ya?  OK, I’m done.  Had to mess with you a bit!  

The picture for this article is a snap shot of the immune system….NOT the solar system I am from. Or is it?  LOL  I am going to talk about another one of my “hero’s” as far as the immune system.  I believe this next “potion” has kept me from getting every cold and sniffle in my office!  I swear, as soon as the cold weather comes in, my place of business is a rotating petri dish of colds, flu and God knows what!  Not good for an already aging work force!  

Unfortunately, when you have an immune system that is not firing on all cylinders (sorry, not only was I born in the Motor City, I am in the automotive industry, so “cylinder” is like “and” in daily speaking 😉 ).

I am speaking about AHCC.  Active Hexose Correlated Compound is what it stands for.  I certainly understand why it has been shortened, so for the sake of my sanity, I will use AHCC here on out!

This is a wonderful combination of medicinal mushrooms.  Several species of Basidiomycete mushrooms, including shiitake ( which has been shown to have anti-cancer attributes).  It has shown to significantly intensify N.K. (natural killer) cell activity. Many hospitals now recommend this supplement as part of immune system maintenance.  

Cancer Treatment Centers of America says that AHCC is used for cancer and liver damage.   Although there is still not enough information to know how it works, research has shown that this formula can increase N.K. cells.  Animal research shows that it prevents liver damage from certain chemicals and may even prevent diabetes.

Some of the other positive effects of these fungi:

  • Promotes Immune Function.  Is said to fight aids, cancer, hepatitis and heart disease.  Helps with osteoarthritis, allergies, fatigue, asthma, fibromyalgia and lyme disease.  WOW….that is alot!
  • Has been said to aid in cancer treatment and chronic infection.
  • Can aid in the negative effects of chemo and radiation like vomiting, fatigue and hair loss…HOWEVER, you are warned not to start taking this supplement DURING treatment.  In other words, if you are in treatment and hearing about this stuff for the first time, now isn’t the time to start.  My advice, start now so you reduce your risk of having any of the above!

My FAV is AHCC, rx.  The link to get it thru Amazon is below.  


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