One Last Stop on Our Tip Toe Thru the Fungus…

My last supplement with mushrooms is a great product with loads of beneficial ingredients!

Before I tell you a little something about that, I need to acknowledge my awareness that your diet is the place all your nutrition should come from. As much as I love mushrooms, I don’t picture myself clinging to the side of a tree trying to chew on a Reishi mushroom. And, promise me, if you see me on all fours, grazing for mushrooms in my yard, please just walk on by! No 🐄 tipping!

I will stick to the organic mushrooms in my favorite supermarket and leave the milling of the medicinals to the experts!

CellStop is another great product that I found during my search for healthy supplements. The heavy hitters in this one are:

Curcumin; antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and has been linked as a stabilizing influence in colorectal cancer.

Green Tea; antioxidant, kills bacteria, improve brain function and may lower the risk of certain cancers.

Astragalus Root; immune booster

Maitake, Reishi & Turkey Tail

Fruit and Veggie Extracts

Quercetin; natural remedy for asthma; free radical neutrilizer.

This formula was developed “to fight the mechanisms” used by cancer to grow. It was designed to help cells divide normally and can be an effective “complimentary” supplement thru radiation and chemo.

That’s a “wrap” for the mushroom portion of this segment. Before we move on to roots, I’m gonna take a little detour.

I am going to do a little research into prostrate cancer for the next post. This has hit my family and friends, so my research has begun. Just giving you the heads up of a little shift in gears for a minute!

Quick Tip: (ummm, this should be labeled, “only tip”), but I have gotten cold sores for as long as I can remember. I have tried everything from denture cream (a tip from some family member…I’ll have to devote a couple blogs about the natural remedies we got as kids). In theory, the denture cream dries on your lips, sucking the YUCK out as it dries. Not a good look 😕, hurts peeling off, like seriously, you are checking for your lips in the pieces in your hands! But, I think it worked???

Next came the rubbing alcohol…no pain, no gain right? I have nearly burned my lips right off my face by dousing them with alcohol! At what point does a rational person consider that a couple tiny blisters looks better than lips missing pcs or lips that look like they were blown clean off your face? Dont look at me? I asked when a rational person would know, clearly that’s not me! I’m the one who might as well have used a blow torch! Of course this worked…once my lips grew back, they were free of blisters!

I said quick tip 😏, where is that damn clock? Anyway, I finally found (and yes, I have tried the 20.00 mini tubes of stuff at the store) the only formula I will ever need or use! Works like a charm and is budget friendly!

1 tbls. Vaseline

3-4 drops of Geranium essential oil

Mix with a popsicle stick or plastic spoon and store in small container with lid.

This lip potion will knock the cold sore out before it starts…and you get to keep your lips! The vaseline helps retain the moisture while the geranium oil kills the virus!

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