I am not always gonna write about vitamins, supplements and such. A lot of our health is driven by our moods and thoughts. Body, mind and spirit…remember?

I’ve been on a little hiatus from my obsessive compulsive disorder and have my derriere in an anti gravity chair, sucking up some of nature’s vitamin D. There is something about lounging in the sun, a gentle breeze, 80’s music (Boy George currently) and the sounds of summer, that can easily make one forget that she is 50 and not 18 again! 😊 Even for just a few hours, I am transported back to my 6.00 per hour job as an apparel clerk at Kmart, which sadly has become non existent, driving my ’79 Sunbird, which I carried my bike tire pump…on account of the bad rims that would let air escape. My biggest problems of those days; cherry or bubblegum lip gloss? Rave #3 or #4? Jordache or one of the other popular jeans? I didn’t have a whole lot of name brand stuff unless one of my “cool” older neighbors had a garage sale! That is where my only pair of designer jeans (Jordache) and the bulk of my “beginner” make up came from! Ewwwwww! Something 50 year old me shudders to think about!!! 🤢

The worries of that time were such trivial things! Isn’t it funny how at that age, all you want is to be older? Of course, not my current age older because 50 to me, when I was 18, was prehistoric! I wanted to be in my 20’s pushing 30…you know, the grown up years…after that, you were just OLD! The problem is, now all I want is to go BACK to those years! They went too fast! My mom wants to dial back to my age, which she says is “young”! Isn’t that ridiculous?

My point here is, slow down! Embrace today! Let the sun hit your face and thank the Lord for every breath of air, every smile from a stranger, every bit of laughter you hear, the birds singing and yes, even the rain and thunder that we all go thru during our days. It’s not about the past, which we can’t change, nor tomorrow which we are not guaranteed, but the here and now! Celebrate today friends! Happy Independence Weekend to you all!

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