Remember Me?

Yikes, it has been a minute since I have been on my own blog!! I am happy to say it has been a busy, healthy, mixed blessing type summer!

I am enjoying the heck out of my new camper, despite the good, the bad and the downright ugly!🙄 I will try and run down the highlights in “summary” (said no one ever! At least those who know me).

I’ll start by saying that my trip this past weekend was the best so far! A beautiful state campground! Only problem was that the mosquitos were the size of hummingbirds! Once you get past that, the beauty of the woods, the quiet sound of nature and the house on wheels I travel with, make for a very relaxing getaway. BUT, I am the “adult” on the trip, visa ve the camper owner (not even sure that is the correct use of visa ve, but…moving on). Nuff said? I will elaborate! 😯 First, I started the trip a little “sulky”. The trip was all planned around a concert my youngest son and I planned on attending featuring Breaking Benjamin. I work out to their music everyday (more on that later) and look at them as part of my “survival team” so this was a big deal! Well… “date” for the night had to bail out because of work and the need to make as much money as possible before school starts (more on that below)…so, in my typical fashion, I pouted. A lot!

Upon entering the park, I “filled” my water tank…only I really didn’t cuz I hooked up to the wrong nozzle. I filled the lines enough for one potty and hand washing.🥺 It is a damn good thing I travel with a 5 gallon bucket and there were spickets around! Felt a little like tent camping days, with a major upgrade…a bed off the ground!!!

The only other mishap, besides the really dumb one aforementioned, was that I put the truck keys in my purse and then locked the whole mess in the truck. Truck has a keypad that neither my husband or I use, so….dont know the code! We have one, but it was locked in the truck. Apparently, you can call off some number on your registration to a Ford service rep and they can remote open it? Neat, but registration is co-mingling with key code in the glove box of same locked truck! So, I got to use road side assistance and have a real wiseguy tow truck driver run down all the “obvious” things I should’ve done! You know what? I still haven’t looked for the code! 🙄

The other “trips” thus far have all been in the club we belong to and have included torrential rains, happy drunks, fall down drunks, nasty mean drunks (mind you…I don’t drink…haven’t in 13 years), electrical issues, tilting, fun house type level jobs (we are rookies), ouija board (scared the hell outta me) and a dog that gets a sick tummy every time we camp. I’m trying very hard to forget the episode that involved my mom, my poor pup with the touchy tummy and the comforter on my bed! Let’s just say that a particularly nasty incident of the dogs made it all the way back to bed on the heels (toes, between toes, ball of foot, whole arch) of my mom! 🤢

Believe it or not, all make for hilarious stories (several days, weeks or months later)! The good stuff (which I have written about before) far outweighs any of the not so good stuff, so we will keep going, keep laughing and keep making memories.

Ok, the next big news of the summer is that (gulp), I’m gonna be a Grandma!

My youngest and his girlfriend put the egg before the chicken in this moms view and are expecting their new addition in January. He is gonna jam 18 credit hours into his college curriculum this semester to try and get ahead. He is determined to get his degree! BRAVO kiddo!

Now, the “grandma” thing…not something I feel “old” enough for, so I requested the name “Glamma”, let’s face it, sounds great right? I got a resounding, non negotiable “NO” from my son…so “Nana” it is. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has a matriarchal “other”, younger/ish grandma name you want to run by me?😊

Ofcourse, the oldest son is a chip off the old block and my daughter in law came off a “block” of her own. The “charge it” to the limit, worry about the money later block that I grew up on! So, being in serious financial trouble means you take a step back, humble yourself a bit and ask for help. They will be moving back in for a year to get back on their feet. The things we do for our children!!❤

I recently had a conversation where I was inquiring with my son about his finances. He said, “you know I’m an adult, right mom?”, clearly irritated that I would butt in about his financial situation, to which I responded, “yes, you ARE an adult who has asked for his moms help, and that doesn’t come without commentary!”

Next up for me is a gender reveal party (new to me!). At least then I will know if all my extra money will go to pink or blue things! More camping, adjusting to house guests and baby showers! Love it!

I am also writing articles on my “research project” with dry brushing and magnesium oil, exercise and zinc. Stay tuned!

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