Been away for a minute! But…still going! The title of this post is from yet another of my favorite groups! Skillet is a phenomenal Christian rock band…check them out! They are a huge part of my workout line up! They inspire and motivate with their driving music and deep lyrics. Ok, ode to Skillet complete…onward!

I am still deciding about the website! It may require more time than I actually have! Work life has changed and my family life is about to change! My grandson is due any day now! To be fair, I might be spending a little time with him 🤗❤👼.

So…worse case scenario? I keep my blog and keep telling you my stories!

Before we get rolling again, I would like to share a few updates!

1. Natural U, LLC has it’s own CBD! It is full spectrum, which means it contains ALL the beautiful benefits of cannabinoids including all the terpenes and beneficial acids. There is “trace” THC, i.e. less than .03%. Full spectrum is considered more effective than the isolate cannabidiol, but both are better than none at all! Our next batch will be formulated with some extras! The terpene pinene, which aids in memory and alertness (for us graduated youngsters…better than saying “old” people)! We are also including my favorite terpene limonene which is an anti-anxiety, anti-fungal and, some believe, has anti-cancer properties! This terpene is also found in the rinds of citrus fruits. If you go back and look at my smoothie recipe, you will see that I use whole lemon and lime…skins, seeds and all. It is because of this super terpene that I do this!🦸‍♀️ A link to our original and new formulas will be available soon!

2. We have added Moody’s Medicinals to our line up! Ivan Moody is the artist behind the rock band “Five Finger Death Punch” and as a singer/performer created his own brand of throat sprays, disposable vape pens and tinctures. A link will be added soon!

Those are the biggies! 🥳 I have several supplements in the arsenal that need discussing….stay tuned!

Happy New Year! My wish to all of you is a healthy, happy 2020! May your journey lead you closer to the body, mind and spirit you desire!

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