Catching Up!

Hi! I missed this!!!

Let’s summarize and catch up a bit!

In 2020, I was blessed with a Grandson named Wesley! Wow! If I had known being Nana was this fun, I would’ve skipped parenting! Oh wait, you have to go thru all that to earn your grand parent status, but what a gift!!!

Then Covid hit. Ugggghhhh! Is this garbage ever gonna go away!. During the first few months of this mess, my new grandson, son and future daughter in law, moved in with us! I got to spend the first few months of my grandsons life with him! What a gift Covid gave me! I know that sounds odd, but the time I got to spend at home with my family was priceless!

Then, we decided we needed to MOVE! Out of the house (where we seemed to have virtual rounds of move ins and move outs of the adult children). We also wanted to get started buying and selling property in Florida. The “retirement” plan. Problem is, I probably will NEVER retire! I love what I do and where I live. So, I live in the Michigan condo and the hubs takes our 33ft travel trailer to Florida to work for the winter months and take care of our newest property…I call the “Pennywise House”. More on that later!

It took me a whole year of crying and moping around my condo before I felt like it was home. Both Remi (my faithful companion) and I missed the yard, back porch and being able to pump up the music for our evening work out! I have to remember, I live above, and on all sides of other people! No more “breaking wind” in the bathtub, the neighbors below would hear that! In that same sense of “OH NO” and stomach angst, Taco Bell is no longer allowed as a meal! The bathroom escapades that follow a taco, bean burrito or churro might land me with a noise complaint! How embarrassing! I was blessed with my Grandmother’s, “game playing” bowels! So, that part of condo life “blows”! LOL!

In October of 2021 I was blessed with a granddaughter, Winona Harvest. The FIRST girl in these parts! I am having an absolute blast buying all the little girl things that I have never been able to! I can’t wait to play with the Barbie dream house with her! Dress up and tea parties are gonna be on my schedule! She is the sweetest, most cuddly little girl! I love picking up those video calls and hearing either one of them say, Hi Nana! BLESSED!

I also have a wedding coming up! My youngest son and his long time girlfriend are getting married in May! I am LOVING life! Not always easy, but boy, those moments in life are so precious!

Now, on to health! I hit my 5 year NED (No Evidence of Disease) last June. Within that 5 years, I have had a scare with my uterine lining thickening. Ended up being nothing. But in Septmber of 2022 I was called in for a 2nd mammogram with a scare of “new calcifications”. This turned out to be “likely” fatty necrosis in the scar tissue area. This is actually fairly common in a treated breast. I go back for another follow up in May and I am hoping that leads to an annual screening again instead of twice a year!

To keep things going in the right direction, I made a list of New Years resolutions that I am COMMITTED to!

1). Get this blog back up and going. I love writing and am still hopeful that I can reach even one person who might take something I have said and roll with it, laugh at it, or get inspired by it!

2). Amp up my workout routine. I have been very stringent on working out at least 5 days a week. Again, I am not a “lift things up, put them down” kinda girl. My one mile everyday has gone to 2 miles and I have added 30 push-ups (don’t be impressed, they are against the wall. If I got on the floor, it would take a minute to get back up and I’m at the age that being on the ground might mean its a good time for a nap!) followed by 40 squats. It isn’t much, but something is better than nothing and I know alot of people who stay with the latter.

3). Declutter (For the love of God, this is a lifetime mission…I’m a collector!)

4). Learn something new. For this, I decided to learn to play the piano! I have always loved music, which has been, and will be, talked about on this blog. God has been working in my life for 54 years on patience. I still don’t have much, but learning to play an instrument (again) will force me to learn a little more. I have mastered “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, which my friends think is hysterical. They have scheduled my first “recital” for Memorial Day when we are doing our first camping trip of the summer! I’m sure there will be video!

5). DON’T wait to do something you want! DO IT NOW! No one is guaranteed tomorrow. If there are things that are important to you, take charge and do it!

That about sums it up! I am sure I missed something, but never fear, I will think of it at some point and write it out!

I am working on the topics for upcoming segments. The first will be changes to the routine, especially in the area of supplements!


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