Routine Improved!

If you go back thru my posts, you will see that I studied and put into practice many different supplements to “ensure” my good health! Unfortunately, you really can OVERDUE the good stuff!

I developed tingling hands and feet at one point and decided to have a conversation with my oncologist about it.

She mosied over to her computer and pulled up my chart, with my embarrassing list of vitamins and supplements! I used to spend the bulk of Sunday afternoons with a miriad of bottles and containers, putting together my pill portions for the week. One for breakfast, WITH my fruit smoothie, one for lunch and one for dinner! Each container had 12-20 pills, intended to keep me running at top performance! That is a RIDICULOUS amount of pills to swallow every day! I really did need to make some changes! Not to mention the small fortune I was spending! UGGGHHHH! We started our review with the different variations of “B” vitamins on my supplement “spreadsheet”. Did you know, that while B vitamins can help take away “pins and needles”, they can also cause them if you are taking too much? Huh, I was shocked! She turned around and looked at me very seriously and said, “I want you to get all of this thru whole foods and a good diet”. Here is the problem, I don’t cook anymore and am not a “big” fan of either fruit or vegetables! I’ll eat them, but I won’t go out of my way to do so!

Thankfully, I had heard about a product called “Balance of Nature” (furthermore known as B.O.N.) had done some research and decided to bring this up to my doc. She was THRILLED to know that there is a product out there derived from whole fruits and vegetables and enthusiastically gave me the go ahead!

I have been on B.O.N. for almost 2 years now. WOW! You know how Kathie Lee Gifford talks about her “va va voom”…it is the truth! This stuff is a powerhouse of amazing chemical compounds that play off of each other! My energy is UP, my hair and nails growing! My skin looks pretty good for an old (ish) girl and I feel great! I highly recommend giving this a shot and am pleased to announce that I am now an affiliate! Click the link below and see if this works for you as well as it has for me! A surprising side effect is that I actually crave some fruits and vegatables now. Not sure if its related, but I am not complaining!

I will be doing a “deep dive” into each of the fruits and veggies and will report my findings! I love the fact that a good chunk of the fruits and veggies used in this product can be found in the “superfoods” guide. Stay Tuned! I promise to give you a breakdown of my findings!

PLEASE let me know if you give these a try! I would love to hear about your results!

Talk to you soon!


Coming Soon:

Pennywise House (Lord have mercy)

As seen on Instagram (I mean….can we talk?)

Piano Lessons (Pretty sure Mozart has rolled in his grave a couple times)

Among many other articles that I have started drafts for….I think I have mentioned that I never have a shortage of stuff to chat about!

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